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Smart Maps API - FAQ

A. General

  1. What is SmartMap API?
    Smartmap API is a map service-based Application Program Interface (API) provided through internet service that allows the customer to embed TM’s map into user’s website and/or customized application.

  2. How do I subscribe or apply for SmartMap API?
    You can contact TM account executive or our authorized resellers or submit your enquiry to subscribe through helpmap@tm.com.my
  3. Can I apply SmartMap API through online registration or e-payment?
    For the moment, subscription can only be made offline through your TM account executive or our authorized resellers.

  4. What are the subscription fees for SmartMap API?
    Please contact TM’s account executive, call to 1-300-88-iMap or email to helpmap@tm.com.my or from our authorized resellers to get the best price.

  5. How can I pay the subscription?
    Payment for the subscription fee can only be made through your TM account executive or our authorized resellers.

  6. How long does it take to activate my account once the application form is submitted the application and payment made?
    Your account will be activated in 3 days from the time of submitting your application form and payment received.   A notification email with a license key info will be sent to your email address once your account has been activated.

  7. How do I renew my subscription?
    You may renew your subscription through your TM account executive or our authorized TM resellers.

  8. Can I change my account subscription period or terminate account?
    You are not allowed to change the subscription period or terminate your account during the subscribed period.

  9. What is considered a page view?
    A single load of the Smartmap API JavaScript into a page. The Smartmap API JavaScript is reloaded every time a page that uses the Smartmap API is reloaded. Page view will not increase by a user interaction to the map such as zooming, changing map types and panning and etc.

  10. What would happen to my data once my account has expired?
    Your data will be preserved in the SmartMap API server for 1 month after expiry of your account. If the subscription is not renewed within this 1 month, all preserved data will be deleted. Hence, it is important for the subscription to be renewed 1 month prior to expiry date.

  11. If there are any problems, how do I contact the support team?
    You can contact our team at 1-300-88-4-MAP (627) or submit your problem enquiry at helpmap@tm.com.my


B. Data

  1. What are the readily available data provided in SmartMap API?
    At the moment, the data that may be included in the Smartmap API is Basemap.
  2. What should I do if I noticed inconsistency or error in data?
    We encourage you to report to us for any inconsistency that you’ve found in the data. Just click on the feedback button in www.smartmap.tm.com.my to report.

C. Technical

  1. What should I do if I have an idea on to make SmartMap API user friendly or to have new function in SmartMap?
    SmartMap does not cater function request for particular user. However, SmartMap team will evaluate your feedback and study detail on the requirement. Kindly email your idea / requirement to helpmap@tm.com.my
  2. Can I subscribe more than one license key for the same package?
    Yes, for the moment, one license key is to be installed into one client map server. There is situation; customer would have more than one map servers.
  3. What should I do when I received error message or the functions showed no results?
    Please provide the error message or the details on the information or functions you are using to our SmartMap Support which contactable via email; helpmap@tm.com.my or 1-300-88-4-MAP (627).
  4. How is Smartmap API usage tracked and reported?
    Smartmap API is limited to a specific page views. The page views will be tracked by a counter software.